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Ole Stibolt:

This is a fine program! For me it just does exactly what I want to! I was a somewhat reluctant Email user from the beginning. Now, I was used to the ordinary paper letters arriving by the postman daily, including business mail, economy, bank letters, etc. In fact, this was OK and I liked it. Then, already in the late 90'ies, everything began to go increasingly digital. E-mail. OK, it was fast, and many new opportunities arrived. And ordinary mail arrived to a lesser extent, and continues to fade. But, where are this new mail located? On servers owned by Microsoft! With no easy way to getting all "the letters" "to my place"... Of course, you can log on to them, and they are normally there... Untill something happens. A couple of years ago I had a stressfull couple of hours:

Apparently I had been in a hurry and did make some log-in attempts with a slight mistake in the password. Retried and then OK... I wasn't at my home adress - I work on changing locations. Then, suddenly, the hotmail barred me out. I could not connect at all. I thought I had been "hacked". I receive mail daily, important ones, and besides I really didn't like the idea that perhaps everything (thousands of mails) could be lost. After a couple of hours, though, the connection to my mail-box opened again without any notice or explanation.

A couple of times after that hotmail has disapeared again for some hours, for obscure reasons. Never any explanation. Of course, mostly works fine! But I was extremely stressed by the episodes described. I will not accept that anymore. I want a copy of "my own mails" on my own PC, and an archive burnt by me on CD/DVD as well.

Outlook from Microsoft: I read about it and bought it. It is OK. It really helps me with making a local archive and pst files. But the mails must be seen with an internet connection open, else the many html elements are not displayed. You make an offline access but, to my knowledge, no option exist in Outlook to retain the htlm elements offline, including many pictures on the mails.

I was therefore looking for a program that could do exactly what your converter does! It creates a pdf (or other format) and includes the internet, html parts. Maybe not everyone of your competitors does that? At least I settled for your program in a trial. It is brilliant, fine pdf files with everything! The attachments are displayed too! (Optional, if you want that, I think it is a good feature, I use this). Your program just saves all the mail for a permanent, stable archive and record! Excellent!

My wife is delighted

My wife is delighted to have your software and is very happy to convert a bit all of our old and new mails mails into pdf format.

From what I understand of the matter she found that since being forced to have an authenicated account she had lost some mails which she had to retrieve through a backup software because the mail provider had deleted messages that were "old".

She told me long ago that it would be nice to have a software that would allow batch conversion into an easily readable format.

So, on behalf of my wife I say thank you once again. I am too old to handle a mail software like Outlook from Office 365. My wife organizes the folders etc. I just answer or occasionally write messages.

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Chris Daft

"I need to convert emails on a regular basis, because otherwise PST files get ridiculously huge. I'd like a way to manage that. Enormous PST files accumulate quickly and these cause errors in Outlook since whatever database is inside a PST seems to lose internal consistency. So I archive emails from Outlook as EML files and convert them to PDF with Total Mail Converter Pro. I like the app."

Peter J. Riordan, Esquire

"I primarily use the software as a mail archiver. The difficulty I have with the archiver is the settings for file names and attachment options. If I donít choose to embed the attachments, they are stored in a single folder, without reference to the original email. Often this folder gets overwritten, and the attachments lost, which is why I choose to embed."

Marc Yu

My primary output is PDF. I save attachments in a separate directory - I'd like them to save with the same file name (with a suffix like "_attach01") as the original message.

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Dean Mazur

"I am retiring soon and I want to keep a copy of my emails in a format which can be read by Thunderbird, Outlook Express, or similar. I do not have Outlook on my home computers. So, even though a folder with 1500 files in it looks a bit cumbersome, it is searchable by Windows Explorer and is better than nothing if a question comes up (from my old workplace) about something I was involved with. I have converted 2GB of email so far and I have around 2GB to go, I think. Attachments seem to survive the conversion process as well."

Bookings, Travel Plans

We get our tickets, intiniaries, hotel bookings by email. Don't let them sink in the inbox. Save them as common PDF or DOC files and have a complete travel plan at your fingertips.


Getting many CVs by email? Convert a year's worth email stack to PDF. Archive them safely and get easy access to all the data inside.


Leaving a company get a copy of your work emails. Just in case they ask you for some info you dealt with earlier.


Produce PDF copies of your emails for your attorney in case of any legal request. We make PDF suitable for any court properly bates stamped.