How To Save Emails To PC Using 7 Popular Email Clients

Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo!, SeaMonkey, Gmail, Opera Mail
We all use email clients to receive, send, organize and save emails. Many people like to save important emails in case they need them for future reference or if they decide to change email clients. Some users simply feel safer archiving their important emails outside of their email clients to ensure safekeeping. In this new era of information theft, who can blame them? This article covers how to export your mail messages from seven popular email clients, including: Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo!, SeaMonkey, Gmail, Opera Mail. Thunderbird
Saving Emails in Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook emails are in the .msg format. Saving them is very easy.
  • 1. Select the email you wish to save
  • 2. Select the File tab at the top of your Outlook client
  • 3. Select Save As, then select a location where you want to save your email
To save several emails at once, you follow the same process. However, those emails will be saved as text files (the only option). This is great option if you want to save space.
save emails from outlook
Saving Emails from Yahoo! Email
Yahoo’s new web email client no longer allows users to export email. The best you can do is archive emails, however, they are still on the Yahoo! server. There is a way to save your Yahoo! emails using the print method, allowing you to save the email as a PDF file.
  • 1. Open your email message in Yahoo! mail
  • 2. In the upper right-hand corner of your email message, click the printer icon
  • 3. If your Destination isn’t already set to Save as PDF, click the Change button to change it to Save as PDF, otherwise, click the blue Save button
  • 4. When the Save As window appears, select a location to save your email file as a PDF

save emails from yahoo
Saving Emails from Google Mail (Gmail)
Google has finally given us a way to download gmail messages (and calendar items!) in .MBOX format. It's as simple as going to Google's Data Download page and configuring some settings.
  • 1. Navigate to Google's Data Download page
  • 2. Scroll down to Mail and be sure it is selected

save emails from Gmail
  • 3. Select Include all of your mail to download all mail items, or Select labels to include specifically labeled email items
  • 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next
  • 5. You can customize the output file type, size and delivery method to receive your emails
  • 6. Click Create Archive
  • 7. You will receive a note stating an archive of your data is being completed

gmail emails to pdf
Saving Emails from Thunderbird
Thunderbird has one of the easiest ways to save emails as .eml files. However, like many of the other email clients in this article, you can only save one at a time.
  • 1. Open your Thunderbird client
  • 2. Select and open the email you wish to save
  • 3. Click the More button in the upper right-hand corner of the email
  • 4. Select Save As
  • 5. Select the location where you wish to save your email

save emails from thunderbird
Saving Emails from Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail is a free email client that comes standard with Windows OS, which makes this a popular email client. It’s as easy to save emails on Windows Live Mail as it is on Thunderbird, and the process is similar.
  • 1. Open Windows Live Mail client
  • 2. Open the email you wish to save
  • 3. Click the elipsis (…) on the top bar of the email
    save emails
  • 4. Select Save As
  • 5. Select the location where you wish to save your email

Saving Emails from Opera Mail
Opera Mail uses the .mbox file type. Saving an Opera email works a little differently than other email clients as you have to attach emails to a label before exporting them.
  • 1. Open your Opera email client
  • 2. Hightlight the email you wish to export
  • 3. In the upper-right hand corner of the screen, select the label icon
  • 4. Apply one of the existing labels to your email (or you can create a new label)
    save Opera emails
  • 5. In the left-side menu under Labels, right-click on the label you selected for your email
  • 6. Select Export
  • 7. Select a location to save your .mbox file

save emails from opera
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